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Since Glencore wont play fair, maybe Zambian govt needs to put in place laws that either force them yo comply or to move out.

This is far from an isolated case; wherever you are from in Africa, you can be sure that some of that countrys resources are making less for the country than for the western multinationals involved in extracting those resources. Even those familiar with some of the ways in which Africa continues to be sucked dry by these multinationals will despair by what they will learn from Stealing Africa.

Things You Have To Know About Rich Countries Help Poor Countries Essays On Love

Most of the African countries live in conditions because of the extreme poverty, upheaval, hunger, disease, unemployment, lack of education and both inexperienced and corrupt administrations. But they did not even introduce it at all, South Africans dont even know of the effective anti HIV pomegranate which has antiviral, antimicrobial, antioxident, antibacteria, antifungal and unmentioned agents. The IMF has even tried pushing its policies on China. How is it that Africa is so rich in resources and yet so poor? The question is often asked as much by Africans interested in altering the continents fortunes as by.

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The popular perception is that Africa receives so much money in aid and it just wastes the money, and that western countries are very generous in providing any aid in the first place.

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